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What To Do After A Car Accident Injury

Things happen in our lives daily and we have the power to influence them to some extent.  However, there are some things that no matter how hard we try to avoid or stay away from, they still manage to find their way into our lives. The side effects of car accident injury occurrences are beyond anyone’s understanding, but the best thing you can do is be prepared with that you have available.  The following article gives some guidance on What To Do After A Car Accident Injury.

A car accident injury can be upsetting and distressing, even if it is a very minor accident. It is normal to feel alarmed and shocked when you have been involved in an accident. This can make it difficult to think clearly and do everything that you need to do. If you try to remain calm after your car accident, you will be in the best possible position to deal with the situation well.  The first priority if involved in a car accident is always the preservation of life.  Check yourself for injuries as well as your passengers.  If you are able, make sure you are safe from further harm, such as from other traffic on the road.  Check the other vehicle’s passengers to see if anyone needs immediate medical attention.  If anyone involved in the accident is hurt, it is essential that you call 911 immediately and ask for an ambulance. The police should also be alerted if someone has been injured and/or if a car or debris is obstructing the road.  If the injuries are minor and you are able to take photos do so.

Once authorities arrive make sure and get medical attention for yourself and any of your passengers that may need it.  Get names and badge numbers of Police Officers that respond to the scene.  Write down police car numbers and ambulance numbers.  Request a police report number from the officer handling the accident.  Exchange information with the other driver if possible as well.  If you go to the hospital make sure you get copies of discharge papers that state your injuries and doctor’s statements or comments about your condition and treatment recommendations.

It is important to tell your insurance company about the accident as quickly as possible. Check your policy to find out how quickly you have to inform them. Some insurers give you as little as two days to report an accident, while others may give you up to two weeks.  After the accident you’ll want to contact an Auto Accident Lawyer as soon as possible as well.  The Philadelphia Attorney Network will provide you with a free consultation and review all the information you gathered about the accident.  If you and the attorney come to an agreement and it is determined that you have a case, your attorney will be able to get a copy of the official police report using the report number given to your by the officer at the scene of the accident.  If for some reason you weren’t able to get a report number, don’t panic.  You attorney can still get the information necessary to get the report and help you through the difficult legal tasks ahead.

Auto Accident Injuries are a leading cause of injury in the modern age.  If you, or a loved one have been involved in an accident call the Philadelphia Attorney Network at (215) 650-7406 to schedule a free consultation with a top local lawyer and get the compensation you deserve.  You may also visit our website at www.autoaccidentlawyersphiladelphia.org and complete the Free Consultation request form.


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